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Peter Tobin


Tobin Partners | Legal Practitioner | Notary Public | Hon. Consul for Norway (QLD)
AddressSuite 2C, 134 Racecourse Road, Ascot QLD 4007

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Location Suite 2C, 134 Racecourse Road,
Ascot QLD 4007

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Perhaps you are applying for a passport and need to get a piece of paperwork notarised before you can finalise your application. Alternatively, maybe you have a foreign business document that needs verification as a safeguard against fraud and forgery. In either case, you will require the services of a notary public. But what if your matter is particularly pressing and you need to schedule an urgent meeting, or what if your busy schedule makes it difficult to find a time to meet with a public notary near Virginia?

At Brisbane Notary, Peter Tobin operates as a notary public serving Virginia and other nearby suburbs. Peter has been a notary for over 17 years. He also has an extensive wealth of business and legal experience that makes him a valuable source for many matters involving tax, business planning, wealth structures and more.

Find a Time to Meet with a Notary Public Near Virginia

Peter also offers some of the most flexible scheduling of any notary near Virginia. There are not many notaries in the Brisbane area, and not all the notaries public in the city offer flexible scheduling. As a result, it can sometimes be difficult to find a time to meet with a notary to have your documents verified and certified—especially if you need an urgent notarisation or tend to work long hours during the week.

Brisbane Notary is the place to come if you need a more flexible, convenient notary public near Virginia. We understand that not all clients will be able to make it into the office during regular business hours. We also understand that some paperwork can’t wait until regular business hours, and that evening or weekend appointments may be necessary in some situations.

For these reasons, we strive to offer the most flexible service possible to our clients. We don’t want you to end up missing a deadline or delaying a transaction just because you could not get a document notarised on time. With that thought in mind, Brisbane Notary offers same-day service from our office at 132-134 Roadside Road in Ascot. We also offer after-hours and Saturday services by appointment. These factors, combined with our convenient location (our Ascot office is easy to get to from Brisbane CBD as well as Virginia, Hamilton and other Brisbane suburbs) and secure parking (there is plenty of space available on the street or under the building) make Brisbane Notary the most convenient place in Brisbane to get a document certified.

Call Brisbane Notary Today to Schedule Your Appointment

Whether you are looking for a business hours meeting, an evening sit-down or a weekend notarisation, you can start by giving us a call at Brisbane Notary. We will cooperate to fit you into our schedule as soon as possible, so you can finalise your document and get it sent off to wherever it needs to go. To reach our notary offices near Virginia, give us a call on 0438 001 809.


Tobin Partners | Legal Practitioner | Notary Public | Hon. Consul for Norway (QLD)