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Brisbane Notary Public - Peter Tobin

Tobin Partners | Legal Practitioner | Notary Public | Hon. Consul for Norway (QLD)

Suite 2C, 134 Racecourse Road, Ascot QLD 4007

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Peter Tobin

Peter Tobin

Legal Practitioner | Notary Public | Hon. Consul for Norway (QLD)

Director, Tobin Partners Pty Ltd, Lawyers & Notaries

Peter will welcome your call in regard to Notary Public Services, most available at short notice, with same day service, in business hours and out of hours meetings can also be arranged.

He has extensive experience as both a lawyer and a businessman, which led him to establishing one of the few legal firms in Australia that specialise in indirect tax law and he can provide legal advice and solutions for your Income Tax, Payroll Tax, Land Tax, Stamp Duty and Trusts.

In addition to his wealth of legal expertise, Peter has a profound understanding of the importance of planning and wealth structures to the success of a business.

It is his experience in business, running his own manufacturing operation in particular, which fuels his drive to utilise his legal knowledge to assist other businesses to minimise their tax.

With a genuine desire to personally connect with his clients and assist them to achieve their objectives, he leverages his expertise to develop solutions, not just give advice.

Peter is highly respected throughout the Queensland law fraternity and the business community and is highly credentialed with impressive appointments and affiliations.

Located on Brisbane’s north side, Peter Tobin operates a small specialist law firm, Tobin Partners, which is committed to assisting clients with solutions, not just advice.

Qualifications & Appointments

Tobin Partners
  • Admitted as a solicitor to the Supreme Court of QLD and High Court of Australia
  • Graduate Diploma Applied Finance
  • Notary Public
  • Honorary Consul for Norway (QLD)
    Professional Affiliations
  • Member – QLD Law Society
  • Fellow – The Society of Notaries Queensland Inc
  • Fellow - The Australian and New Zealand College of Notaries
  • Member – Consular Corps QLD
Peter, Just a quick thank you for your help last week with due closing documents. It was very nice of you to schedule us on such short notice.
Jeffrey Beehler
Suite 2C, 134 Racecourse Road,
Ascot QLD 4007

How It Works

Step 1: Get in Touch

Give us a call 0438 001 809 to discuss what services you need. Peter will advise you on what documents are required.

Step 2: Booking an Appointment

Once we understand your requirements, we'll organise a time for you to come to our office. For notarisation of documents, your presence in our office is usually necessary to witness your signature and confirm your identity.

Step 3: Notarisation Process

Bring the documents that need notarising. Peter will witness your signing of the document/s. This step is essential and usually must be done in person.

After witnessing your signature and verifying your identity, Peter uses an official stamp and seal to notarise the document.

Certificate of Good Standing (Online Process)

If your company is preparing to do business overseas, obtaining a Certificate of Good Standing may be required. This certificate verifies your company's legitimacy and compliance under Australian law, which is essential for establishing trust in foreign markets. At Brisbane Northside Notary, we have streamlined the process, making it efficient and hassle-free.

  • Fully Online Process: The entire process is conducted online for your convenience. You won't need to visit our office.
  • Required Documentation: Please send us a copy of your company's constitution.
  • ASIC Search: We obtain an ASIC extract of your company to verify the details of your company.
  • Document Preparation: We'll prepare a declaration for you to sign digitally.
  • Certificate: After we receive all documentation we then prepare the Certificate.
  • Timeframe: The process typically takes about 2 days.

Brisbane Northside Notary specialises in assisting businesses across Australia with their international documentation needs. With our expertise in handling Certificates of Good Standing and other corporate documentation, we ensure a streamlined and efficient process for businesses nationwide.