Do I Need to See a Justice of the Peace or a Notary Officer in Hamilton, Newmarket or Virginia?

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When it comes to getting legal or business documents certified and authenticated, there are two types of professionals who might be able to help you: notaries public and Justices of the Peace. Both roles are similar. According to the Australian government website, the job of a Justice of the Peace is ‘to act as an independent and objective witness to documents people use for official or legal purposes.’ Typically, a Justice of the Peace can witness oaths, affidavits and signatures, take statutory declarations or certify that a document is original and valid.

If you meet with a notary officer in Hamilton or Newmarket, you will find that notaries have a similar job description. Comparable to a Justice of the Peace, a notary can witness signatures, administer oaths and certify documents as legitimate. The question, then, is whether you should see a notary officer or a Justice of the Peace when you need help with one of these matters.

Notary Officers vs. Justices of the Peace: Understanding the Difference

If you are wondering whether you should look for a Justice of the Peace or a notary officer in Virginia, first ask yourself one question: are you authenticating documents for national or international use?

If you are preparing a contract, will, deed, power of attorney, affidavit, statutory declaration, oath or some other document or statement for a legal or business matter that is domestic in nature, you can decide for yourself whether to work with a notary officer or a Justice of the Peace. Both officers are qualified to witness and authenticate the validity and legitimacy of documents or statements that will be used within Australia.

If your matter goes beyond national boundaries, though, then you will need to meet with a notary officer. While notaries and Justices of the Peace are both public officers with similar responsibilities, only a notary public is authorised to witness and authenticate documents or statements for international use.

Finding a Qualified Notary Officer in Newmarket, Hamilton or Virginia

Whether you are doing business overseas, assigning power of attorney to someone who lives in a foreign country or creating an affidavit for a police investigation occurring in another part of the world, you will need a notary officer to verify your identity and authenticate your document. If you are looking for a notary officer in Hamilton, Virginia or Newmarket, look no further than Brisbane Notary. Our notary public, Peter Tobin, has been notarising documents for national and international use for 17 years. He is qualified to witness and certify signatures, administer oaths, lodge documents and more.

Get your notary matters handled quickly by calling Brisbane Notary today. In the clear majority of cases, we can offer our clients same-day service. We can even get you in for an after-hours or Saturday appointment if your schedule necessitates it. Find out more by calling us on 0438 001 809.


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