Designate A Power of Attorney to Someone Overseas, with the Help of a Notary Public in Newstead

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Are you considering designating a power of attorney to a third party? If so, you may need to work with a notary public in Newstead. Ultimately, whether you will need a notary will depend on where the person you are designating as your attorney is located.

About a Power of Attorney

To designate a power of attorney is to give another person legal authority to act and make decisions on your behalf. Often, a power of attorney is used in cases involving elderly individuals who can no longer look after their own finances, business obligations or personal affairs. Designating a power of attorney in this kind of situation can help remove a significant burden from the elderly individual’s shoulders while still ensuring that their best interests are protected.

However, a power of attorney is not only used for senior citizens. On the contrary, in cases where you cannot be physically present to make business decisions or carry out legal matters, you might choose to designate a power of attorney to a third party. For overseas matters, a power of attorney can save you the hassle of travelling every time something requires your attention. When you grant a person a power of attorney, you give that person the power to carry out your business for you—usually by pre-set stipulations and guidelines.

It is when you are designating a power of attorney to someone outside the country that you will need to engage the services or a notary to help. In Australia, any contracts or paperwork intended for use in a foreign country must be notarised to be valid. Documents granting a power of attorney fall into this category.

Finding a Public Notary in Newstead to Help with a Power of Attorney

If you need a notary in Newstead to assist you with matters of a power of attorney, then Brisbane Notary can help. Our notary public, Peter Tobin, has been a notary for 17 years and is experienced in handling overseas matters.

Say you are buying a new building as a business investment in a foreign country. You would rather avoid travelling back and forth to that country to meet with people, sign contracts and see the transaction through to completion. Luckily, you have a business associate based in the country in question who you would like to authorise to act on your behalf. You will need to grant the person a power of attorney before they can execute matters for you.

Getting a power of attorney documents notarised helps protect against forgery, fraud and identity theft—all important considerations when you are actively granting someone else the privilege of speaking and acting for you. When you choose Brisbane Notary as your notary public near Newstead, Peter will be able to walk you through the process and tell you what other requirements are necessary to validate your power of attorney paperwork.

Are you working on designating a power of attorney to a third party—especially someone based in a foreign country? If so, Peter Tobin at Brisbane Notary can help ensure that the process goes smoothly. To schedule a sit down with Peter, call our public notary offices near Newstead, on 0438 001 809.


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