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Are you engaging in business overseas? Do you have legal documents that you need to sign and return to a foreign enterprise or entity? If so, you will likely need to meet with a notary public to verify the validity of those documents. As a notary near Hamilton, Peter Tobin at Brisbane Notary can help you understand your obligations for overseas business, as well as provide the verification you need for your documents to be valid.

Why Do I Need to See a Notary Public in Hamilton about Signing Foreign Documents?

In Australia, all legal or business documents for use outside the country must be verified by a public notary before they can take on any legal validity. This legal requirement is in place to prevent fraud, forgery and identity theft. If you are signing documents intended for foreign use, you will rarely be able to do so in the presence of the foreign entities to which the documents apply. As such, it is vital to have someone who can ensure and verify the authenticity of your identity, your signature, and your document itself.

Whether you work for a company that is based overseas or have a business in Australia that is frequently involved in foreign transactions, you will likely have a regular need for a public notary near Hamilton. At Brisbane Notary, we can provide the quick, responsive services you need to keep your business dealings moving without a hitch. In most cases, we can offer same day services to our clients, making it easier for you to verify a document, fax it over to the recipient or get it in the mail on time.

Understanding the Difference Between a Notary and a Justice of the Peace

Often, individuals who are new to the idea of working with notaries will confuse their services with comparable functions served by a Justice of the Peace. Certainly, notaries and Justices of the Peace are similar. As a notary public, a Justice of the Peace is qualified to witness the signing of documents and certify their validity.

However, there is one key difference between notaries and Justices of the Peace, and it is a distinction that is important to remember if you need to verify documents for international use. While both notaries and Justices of the Peace have the power to witness signatures and certify original copies of documents, only a notary public is permitted to carry out this function for documents that are intended for foreign use. In other words, if you are signing a document that pertains to overseas business or other foreign matters, you will need to meet with a public notary in Hamilton.

If you require the services of a notary near Hamilton, look no further than Brisbane Notary. Peter is happy to sit down with you to go over your documents, discuss your business matters and certify your foreign paperwork. To schedule an appointment, call 0438 001 809 today.


Tobin Partners | Legal Practitioner | Notary Public | Hon. Consul for Norway (QLD)